Say It Out Loud

by Cinema Cycle

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Songs inspired by my two novels, MOSQUITOLAND & KIDS OF APPETITE (Viking/Penguin).

And check out my behind the scenes video of "THUNDEROUS LOVE":


released June 20, 2014

All songs written, recorded, arranged and produced at The Academy for Superior Auditorial Noisology by David Arnold; copyright Distant Second Music/ASCAP; Booking and info-; Legal contact (Lauren Smith)- -- No claim is made to the exclusive right to use “Cinema” apart from the mark as shown.



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Cinema Cycle Lexington, Kentucky

Cinema Cycle is the musical moniker of author David Arnold. Once a regular in the Nashville performance scene, Arnold now writes and lives with his family in Lexington, Kentucky. His music has most often been compared to artists like Jon Brion, Elliott Smith, Andrew Bird, and Explosions in the Sky. ... more

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Track Name: Say It Out Loud
There -- I see the kind light
It's there no matter how well you pick a fight
And I know who you really are
'Cause I've seen the smoking gun that shoots the star


I'm sick of things the way they are
It seems they stay no matter what the war
And it's fine, yeah it's fine, whether right or wrong
I'll just cry and cry and cry and sing my favorite song

Track Name: Kids of Appetite
Aperture, aperture, cast me in a flattered light
Now step away from me
Head to toe, dressed for the show and all the kids of appetite
And all their pretty jeans

It's not what you think
That face and pose isn't me

Optical, optical, who's the fairest of them all
Or the hippest of all time (gotta go), make up your mind
Down the street, walk to the beat
A thousand songs make heavy feet
Now take the steps two at a time
Come on a be a kid of appetite

I'm not what you think
That face and pose isn't me
Track Name: Noble Husbands
Madeline, toll the iron bell
Wishing ill by the wishing well
Strike it twice at its very core
To warn the dignitaries and their whores

As panic strikes the Navy town
Women and children hide underground
The noble husbands fought and bled
Fathers in robes of scarlet

He's just a crook
Track Name: Too Bad
It's too bad that you take everything I say like you're getting bashed in
You step back to avoid the blows in typical orderly fashion
Take aim, set your feet, clear your throat
Brush your thumb against the tip of your nose
I'll give you that

And it's not gonna be that way for me, it's not gonna be
And it's not gonna be that way for me, it's not gonna be

It's too bad you can only see the sky, but not the sun
Dwelling on all the friends you had and all their acid tongues that stung
Throw your weight, pump your blood, twist your waist,
Scream so loud you can taste the top of your lungs
Track Name: Sing It
You pull me in close to tell the secret of the ages
Please donʼt whisper in my ear
Just sing it out!
Sing it loud!
If I told you once, I told you thrice, donʼt quit and take the bait
Be a man, donʼt be afraid
To sing it out!
Sing it loud!
I see you donʼt know what to think about that thing they said
Got a jillion ideas crashing round inside your head
Put them all inside a shelf, a section in your brain
You know what youʼre supposed to do and you know whatʼs at stake
So sing it out!
Sing it loud!
Sing it out!
Sing it loud!
Sing it out my friends
You got a lot to live for
It donʼt make no sense
To hide
Track Name: Great Lakes
Don't walk between us or hold our hands
Don't poison your speech up or proffer your love
Don't cross your arms and sigh like that

Now that it's fall and time to move on
I know it's no use, your mind is set wrong
We'll leave all my friends between the Great Lakes
Just don't say it's all for good
Pack up my stuff, my music and art
Now take a red pen and foolishly mark
"Handle with care," as if you cared at all

Now give me your word, no wait that's not enough
I want your tongue if that's not too much
That crooked, toothy grin won't make amends

Winter will come, the nights will grow long
We'll sing in the cold a bitter, sad song
And all the dead trees with all their dead leaves
Just waiting for March to come
I'll unpack my stuff, my music and art
And sit by the fire to warm up my heart
Please handle with care
I know you care for me
Track Name: Thunderous Love
I won’t go home
Till I get what I came for
Now I know what you’re thinking
You’re thinking

What do you think you’re doing?
Can’t you see it’s raining?
Now my smile and my sweater
Both ruined forever

My love is thunderous
My love is thunderous
My love is thunderous
My love is thunderous

Shiver under rain and your jacket with that stain
Darling, I know you better than you think I do
Like your smile and your sweater may be ruined (not forever)
Though the same can't be said should you leave me here all wet
I’ll just sing it all again
Track Name: This Can Only Get Better
Speak now.
Or I’ll bite my tongue forever
The time has come
And I’m gone
And this can only get better
Yeah, it can only get better

You were a part of me
And half of we
And you were always so clever
The time has come
And you’re gone
And it can only get better
Yeah, it can only get better