Diagrams With Little Arrows

by Cinema Cycle

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released April 24, 2018

written, recorded, produced by David Arnold


all rights reserved



Cinema Cycle Lexington, Kentucky

Cinema Cycle is the musical moniker of author David Arnold. Once a regular in the Nashville performance scene, Arnold now writes and lives with his family in Lexington, Kentucky. His music has most often been compared to artists like Jon Brion, Elliott Smith, Andrew Bird, and Explosions in the Sky. ... more

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Track Name: Diagrams With Little Arrows
Fessing up, I make lists just to check things off
And I don't care who knows this stuff
It's me
And I find inherent value in the steps I take
Points A and B can wait
A beat
I love diagrams with those little arrows
And that spot by the creek where the water narrows
All things accounted for and clean
Be what you want just don't want me

Here you go, take it all
I'm just a show, it's what you want
Now sit there and watch as I artfully dodge this
Conversation will never change
I'll change my name into something strange
And you will be sorry (happy) eventually

I'm taking everything into account today
Before it slips away
My youth
And all my friends' souls are naked all the time
But I'm fashion redesigned
And new
I love books and Bowie and the record store
And the sound of my boots on a hardwood floor
Please take all fancy things away
Precision and concision can stay
And I really don't care how much they cost
If I lose those two I'm at a loss
Yeah I know it's hard when people say,
"I'm done with you, now have a nice day"
Track Name: LLC
I'll take a walk all by myself
Because you know I like my company
I do not suck
I like myself and no one else can come with me
Just sing la, la, la
I've got this business called
None of Yours Incorporated
So legit
Won't quit, na, na, na
My company's all, LLC
One employee and that's me, I ring

Don't you know there's a lot to like
You're so much more than just getting by

There's no I in team but there's a me
And there's a meat
But meat is murder
That's Han Solo
Go to the mall, all, san toi, avec moi
Yes, that is French
That's Nietzsche, bitch

My company's, um, tons of fun
Circa aught-one and counting
The walls a-bouncing, boom, boom, boom
I jive to the beat all shoulder-shake
My foot's awake and so am I
Black tie
I'm fancy, son
I'm head honcho, man
The big cheese
President and CEO of me
My, my, my
I, I, I, I, I love my company
Track Name: This Can Only Get Better
Speak now
Or I'll bite my tongue forever
The time has come
And you're gone
And this can only get better
Yeah this can only get better

You were a part of me
And half of we
And you were always so clever
The time has come
And I'm gone
And it can only get better
Yeah this can only get better
And things can only get better
This can only get better

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