Fresh Young Face

by Cinema Cycle

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released April 5, 2011

All songs written, recorded, arranged and produced at The Academy for Superior Auditorial Noisology by David Arnold; additional piano and vocals by Sarah Emily Parish; copyright Distant Second Music/ASCAP; No claim is made to the exclusive right to use “Cinema” apart from the mark as shown.


all rights reserved



Cinema Cycle Lexington, Kentucky

Cinema Cycle is the musical moniker of author David Arnold. Once a regular in the Nashville performance scene, Arnold now writes and lives with his family in Lexington, Kentucky. His music has most often been compared to artists like Jon Brion, Elliott Smith, Andrew Bird, and Explosions in the Sky. ... more

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Track Name: Fresh Young Face
I remember clearly now the deaths of three men
They forfeit life and love
The first had wealth at ruthless cost
And so was lost
And when he died they said,
"Thank God that man's dead
He was none too kind
Had the miser's mine"

What to do? All is lost!
Raise your head, plant your feet in the ground

Taking his place atop it all
He's ripe for the fallout he caused
He possessed the knowledge
To warp and buy, seduce and bribe
And when he died the very nation
Rang with praise
"He was a thorn in our side
His fresh young face"

Taking center stage
Cloaked in virtue
But vice has the fresh young face
Track Name: Run, Run, Run
You say you can't believe what he's done to you
Pulled your legs out from under then he broke them in two
Such a sad, sad story, but not so unique
That a man of your stature couldn't give him some cheek

I tell the truth whatever you find binding the noose
You got to let it loose, yeah let it loose
I know it isn't gonna be what you had in mind
But it's gonna be fine, it's gonna be fine

You say you won't believe, but you know that's not true
Cause when push comes to shove, that belief is in you
Now he's up on the roof with a means to an end
It's the absolute pits, got a deed on the mend

Now what's to be done, what's to be done
What's to be done
You run, run, run, run, run
Track Name: Smart Youth
I bought us tickets to the last home game
But all it did was rain
I'm trying to read you, but I haven't got a clue
You know I never do

It's all my fault
That's how it's always been
You get off clean

Standing on your porch, a timid sideways glance
You drop my shaking hands
Smart youth wear sharp suits and say all the right things
But that's just not me
Track Name: Know Yourself
Trying hard to make your way around this shiny town
All these people wear their frowns around
And knock you down
Just dust your jeans, the long and leans
You don't have a clue what I'm talking about
Just raise your hands and give a shout
And know yourself
Just know yourself

I know you wish you were bigger now, It's all allowed
You can't believe how fast it goes so now
You take a bow
In the living room to your favorite tune
Before you know it you're grown
Have to make mistakes all on your own
Just know yourself
Please know yourself
Track Name: Soil, etc
I'll take your fallen tree
And trade you modern me
'Cause it's a long way down

I'll take your busted wings
And trade you bomber planes
'Cause it's a long way down

It's a long way down
A long way down
A long way down to the bottom

Just like Abraham
I'll take this soiled lamb
'Cause it's a long way down

Then take the pure and clean
And scream obscenities
'Cause it's a long way down


I'll take my medicine
Swallow my best friend
'Cause it's a long way down

I'll hold my bleeding tongue
And grip the bottom rung
'Cause it's a long way down
Track Name: The Revolutionaire
Anabelle, run from the shack
The smoke is thick and black
Never look back
Anabelle, run like hell

Anabelle, hide in the tower
Pray for grace in the eleventh hour
The Church's Flower
Anabelle, scared of hell

She's a revolution
A revolution
A Revolutionaire

Anabelle, a snake in the grass
The prophecy has come to pass
Pray and fast
Anabelle, run from hell

Anabelle, take it to your grave
Your innocence is at stake
Shiver and quake
Anabelle, a silent hell

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