Hey! Yeah! Yay! (Music for Parents and Kids)

by Cinema Cycle

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released May 7, 2012

All songs written, recorded, arranged and produced by David Arnold at The Academy for Superior Auditorial Noisology; copyright Distant Second Music/ASCAP; No claim is made to the exclusive right to use “Cinema” apart from the mark as shown.


all rights reserved



Cinema Cycle Lexington, Kentucky

Cinema Cycle is the musical moniker of author David Arnold. Once a regular in the Nashville performance scene, Arnold now writes and lives with his family in Lexington, Kentucky. His music has most often been compared to artists like Jon Brion, Elliott Smith, Andrew Bird, and Explosions in the Sky. ... more

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Track Name: Sunny the Owl
Sitting in my tree and sipping on lemonade
Soaking up the sun, all my friends say I'm insane
Gonna catch a field mouse, just won't do it at night
Ooh, I prefer the light

They call me Sunny, Sunny, Sunny the Owl (x3)
Don't wear it out, that's my name, Sunny the Owl

It's just that when the sun goes down it gives me a fright
I'm singing songs, I'm turning on my Snoopy nightlight
It's the time of day when all my friends are starting their fun
But ooh, I prefer the sun

Call me weird or call me strange
Call me Cher or Tina Fey
But that would be a lie
Cause I'm S to the U to the N-N-Y

I know that I am supposed to be a nocturnal bird
But for the record I'm not sure I understand that word
It's who I am, not who I'm not, that's what Momma said
Whoa, she always knows best
Track Name: Broke as in Whoa
Listen up all you cranky boys and girls
I have something terribly important to say
Take a look at your poor moms and dads and think hard
Of the effect you've had on their day
They'll tell you each day till they're blue in the face
That they love everything about you
But I'm here to give the straight dope that that's not
One hundred and ten percent true

Oh, your moms and dads want you to have fun
But please make it free because they're broke like me
Can I get a what-what from the dads (moms/parents) in the house
Feeling rather tapped out because they're broke like me
And kids if you can't take no for an answer just show
Some respect for your parents' dough
Ooh, they're broke as in whoa

I'll let you in on a secret that all grown-ups know
But sometimes forget to tell you
Money can't buy all the cool stuff you want
But here is what money can do
Hannah's stepmom buys her high fructose pop
Or Joey gets skittles from dad
But you are not Hannah or Joey my dear
I'm sorry if that makes you mad

Try to have fun without drawing funds
From the bottom of the bank account
Try jumping on the bed and save us from the red
Of the bottom of the bank account
Dance in your socks and save us from the shocks
Of the bottom of the bank account
Make a paper plane, help us make the gravy train
Not the bottom of the bank account
Track Name: Catherine and Willy G
He likes guacamole
Audrey, Megan, and Monsieur Bode
Taylor Swift as well as Batman and Ariel
But there's one thing that he loves
More than all of the above

A sibling's a great thing, in fact I got a song to sing
Of Catherine and Willy G
Siblings extraordinary
Life's good when you got your best friend next door
A brother or a sister always on your side
Oh, oh, oh, oh

She likes Judy Moody
Frozen yogurt and her teachers and schooling
A bookstore affection for the history section
But there's one thing that she loves
More than all of the above
Track Name: Know Yourself
Trying hard to make your way around this shiny town
All these people wear their frowns around
And knock you down
Just dust your jeans, the long and leans
You don't have a clue what I'm talking about
Just raise your hands and give a shout
And know yourself
Just know yourself

I know you wish you were bigger now, It's all allowed
You can't believe how fast it goes so now
You take a bow
In the living room to your favorite tune
Before you know it you're grown
Have to make mistakes all on your own
Just know yourself
Please know yourself

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